Friday, February 25, 2011

Blind Be the Mindstate

Clockwise from left: Blahzay (at bottom) w/Source of Labor, Blahzay Blah, Silas Blak
A million thanks go to the man who was there when it happened for hooking me up with this. Blind Council was one of the formative groups in Seattle hip hop's golden era. Comprised originally of future Silent Lambs/Black Stax member Silas Blak, and future Source of Labor emcee Blahzay Blah, Blind Council came with an entirely unique take on hip hop. The vocal delivery of both emcees is strangely quiet, peaceful, and almost whispered, but possessing an instant command of your attention. Despite the placid delivery, the two present a vibe that is extremely controlled and intense, like a coiled spring. With jazzy, mellow beats from DJ Topspin, this three-track demo presented a truly captivating side of 206 hip hop that keeps me listening over and over. Blak comes with a style unlike what I'm used to with him. His voice is as deep and sinister as ever, but his style here is quick, and on the top of the beat. Blahzay left the group early on, and it's a shame that he did, as his interplay with Blak is phenomenal. His voice is as deep as Blak's, providing an interesting combination, but his voice is smoother and richer. After leaving SOL, he seemed to fall off the map. Any information on him would be appreciated!
Listen to this crucial lost piece of early NW hip hop.

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  1. this is real fresh. thank you for sharing..