Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ambassador Bukue

Bukue One

Oakland/Berkeley native Bukue One has been a major figure in the west coast for over a decade now, both as a performer and behind the scenes. Rapper, event organizer, production company owner, record label owner, etc - he's everywhere. He might be best known however for going along with the A-Team down to Australia on that legendary trip in '99, and later being part of the Flow and Tell tour.
This tape, called Lastarfighta, might be legit, it might not. All signs point to it being from '99, but it may be from as late as 2001. I think it may be his first record, but since I can't find any info on it, who knows? 15 tracks deep, it doesn't quite leave off where Rebirth of the Last Starfighta picks up (that album has tracks 17-33), but let's not be bothered by that right now. Maya Jupiter, Ab Rude, Ammbush, Mr. Zux and other familiar voices from both A-Team and Bukue tracks can be heard here, giving it an international fresh angle; but predominantly it has that classic 90's bay area sound we all know and love. Good music. Listen.


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