Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just read this on Chukchee, and I immediately had to spread the word. Neila is an amazing talent, one of my favorite mc's on the planet; she's a true artist on the mic and otherwise. Please help out!

from Laura Neila: PLEASE SUPPORT MY ALBUM TO HELP PAY FOR HOSPITAL BILLS AND RENT! I have vocal chord cancer, things are looking good, this LAST ALBUM with my real voice,my right vocal chord is altered LIMITED EDITION COLOR VINYL $15 includes shipping for continental order you must email me with your physical address and your email address. ONLY THIS ONE COUNTS...PROD. REZULT, feat. dj handprints,& dj skid


  1. Holy shit, now I know why her voice was so different on her last album. Thanks for the info Jack!


  2. I contacted her and bought a record. I encourage everyone to do the same! She's a good soul.

  3. you can also grab it from ACCESS MUSIC in San Diego...i brought records down from LA for her so if you're local support her and your local record store...