Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who Woulda Thunk?

Play That Thunky Music

From 1999, this tape finds Tommy V up to some new tricks. The usual 4-track sound and fresh tv beats are still there, but this is a tape with harder edge than his previous efforts. This is mostly due to the numerous appearances of EX2 and the Shapeshifters, who are on nearly every track. Beyond that, his old Imprints compatriots (Hedgehog, Nonaim, Nori, Chump Change Charlie, etc) are strangely missing. With his old crew gone, and with all the battle emcees present, Tommy V's quiet and meandering delivery makes him seem almost out of place on his own tape.
Even if it doesn't have the sound of past Imprints releases, it's still an awesome 4-track album from the long, lost cali underground. Besides the Shifters and EX2, the Full Time Artists, Anticon, and Joe Dubbs make appearances as well.


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