Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's National Onry Ozzborn Appreciation Month

According to the cats over at Vinyl Fluid, every Monday this month Oldominion major player Onry Ozzborn is releasing three free tracks off his new album No Hoax. Jumping on the bandwagon, I thought I'd post up an oldie-but-goodie from this NW artist. From 2001, this is his Venom EP, released shortly before his explosive Alone cd. I'm not the biggest authority on Oldominion, so I can't tell you too much background info except that this is one of my favorites from the Seattle/Portland massive. For those that don't know Oldominion, their dark, brooding vibe has been dubbed "the Northwest Sound" by some. The title track, featuring Toni Hill, Snafu, Nyquil, Anaxagorous, and Ezra, is a smooth, atmospheric near-masterpiece courtesy of beat-man Pale Soul. "Immortal" and "Daredevils" are two tracks that I feel are fine examples of the Oldominion sound (angry, desolate imagery; references to grunge and metal bands), and "Lights Out" (featuring Sole of Anticon) is a classic from the dark underground. It's a perfect record for December in the Northwest. Six tracks altogether (Four vox and two inst).


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  1. You should check out Mr Hill snaps(of oldominion) If you like it, post it up :)