Monday, November 8, 2010

Shit Yoov Neva Herd Til' Now

Catch Wrecc

Since this popped up on Philaflava recently, chances are that if you've been looking for this you've already found it. All the same, I think this Afterlife rarity deserves its spot here on beetbak. Wreccless has long been one of the most enigmatic 'Lifers. As a member of CVE and ex-member of Hip Hop Kclan, he's shown up on plenty of tracks - although his appearances are nowhere as numerous as Rifleman, Fsh, or Ridd. Likewise, as far as I know this is his only released solo joint. But if Shit Yoov Neva Herd is any indication, the low profile must be purely by choice. He comes out with straight hardcore and rugged styles on this, more so than his Afterlife peers. A perfect mix of nasty and violent lyrical imagery with minimal, heavy beats are what you're gonna get with this sinister release. Guests include all the cats of CVE, members of the Badstads, Acey, St. Mark, Joker Loc, and others. No idea what year this dropped, but no doubt it's classic CVE ish.

Shit Yoov Neva Herd

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