Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Pump Production

A'ight Main

We all know this tune and how it's the best song there ever was, so I won't bother to pontificate on it too much. Production team the Baka Boyz made a sound that amazingly complimented Volume 10's delivery and personality better than anyone before or since, creating not only a hit single, but a larger-than-life persona as well. Simply put, "Pistolgrip-Pump" is perfection on wax. A little less perfect are the remixes on the b-side, but they're still hype and endearing in that way that only early '90's hip hop can be. Especially tight is the "Friday Night Mix", with a beat that sounds like it could have been off Cypress Hill's first record. This entire 12" drips with nostalgia; the sound of the Baka Boyz is one that's firmly rooted in hip hop's golden era, and "Pistolgrip" is a crowning jewel of the times.

Pistolgrip 12"

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