Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Manual Labor Pains

A Homeless Production

Another wonderfully ragged tape from Tommy V. and Imprints. From 1998, Tommy V. steps back on this one to let his friends and peers deliver. Nori, Hedgehog, Nonaim, Banks, Slopoke, and the rest of the Imprints crew are all over this release; along with members of GPAC, EX2, Hobo Junction, the Shapeshifters, and San Francisco Street Music. The production is of course straight from the 4-track, and Tommy V's beats are as inspired as ever. Oddly enough, there isn't very much in the way of overlap with other releases, apart from the first few tracks. It all adds up to be one of the most entertaining and crucial tapes in the Imprints collection.

Labor Pains


  1. Hi,
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! I have been searching it for years... It is very rare!! Thank you for sharing it!!!
    and thanks again Jack!

  2. thanks, all the imprints / tommy v. tapes are really dope!
    ps jack, you might dig this: