Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Wize

He Knows He's Getto (His Social Worker Told Him So)

"When things start to get a little creepy, don't turn the album down, turn it up!" demands Otherwize on his full-length from 2003. An introduction to this record couldn't be put better, because that's what C.U.N. Traffic is: Creepy. And disturbing, and nasty, and intense, and really addictive.
I can't quite put my finger on why it leaves such a slimy feeling on my brain, but certainly Otherwize's lyrics and style contribute to it. His usual no-holds barred battle freestyles are traded in for more introspective lyrics, delivered in a slowed, stuttered style. Actually the lyrics are generally elliptical and abstract, but I get the feeling everything's about booty. There are no hooks and no choruses to give the listener a break from his ranting, making the album sound like one long freestyle. He rhymes disjointedly and arbitrarily over the beats, revisiting themes which never stray far from violence, nasty living, debauchery, and sex. The beats are generally creative, but frankly get eclipsed by Wize's bombastic personality. And there are few, if any guests, keeping his creepy vibe distilled. If the album serves as a testament to the world of Wize, it's a sick world indeed. Undeniable, but sick. I could listen to it all day, but I'm afraid I might get an infection or something.

See You In Traffic

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