Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Rainin' Dope

You Actually Can't See the Space Needle From Tacoma

From 1997, this is Tacoma WA's Way Out Record's showcase compilation of their four featured artists and in-house production team. Although only a short drive south from Seattle and its predominantly indie vibe, Tacoma apparently keeps shit gangsta. You won't find any rare groove loops here; this is all home-grown, synth and drum machine produced beats. Likewise, there's no room for the typical Sea-Town philosophical pontifications on this tape - as evidenced by subject matter that is much more thuggish and street-wise than say, Silas Blak's abstract poetry or The Saturday Knights' party jams. Ultimately what this is, is a glimpse at another side of NW hip hop that may not be as in vogue as their indie counterparts, but is just as vital and integral and real.
From what I can gather, Way Out Records has either closed it's doors, or become a film production studio. However, the four emcees featured on this tape (AWall, Y.Z.E, Mr. Young Krime, and Young Gangsta Dog) can still be found doing their thing on their own releases and as guests on the releases of other local artists.

It's Rainin' Dope

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