Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flow On

Kick That Shit

I really don't know much about Joka. I do know that their song "Flow On" was on the holier-than-holy Sounds of the Good Life tape back in 1994; I have no idea if that's the same version featured here, but since this single came out in '93 I assume that's the case. Sonically and lyrically Joka's domain is firmly rooted in N.W.A.-era LA gangsta, so you won't really hear any of the "typical" Goodlife/Blowed styles on these tracks. What you will hear are a couple soul-inflected, groove-heavy tunes that lyrically glorify the gangsta lifestyle, while simultaneously condemning it, which is as paradoxical as only classic gangsta rap can be.
Listening to it now makes me miss what hip hop used to be. Back when "Flow On" dropped, there was no "underground vs overground, or "indie vs industry" shit going on, there was only hip hop. And that's what this single is - pure hip hop. So sit back, get your head-nod going, and enjoy. You get four tracks - the title track, two remixes, and "Kick It To the Curb". The remixes can barely get away with the name, since apart from a couple rewinds they are nearly identical to the title track. So I guess basically you get two tracks. Which is fine; it's better for your neck anyway.

Flow On

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