Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Fantastic Journey Into the Unknown

Z-Trip Mix

Most excellent late-90's mixtape from the turntable wizard Z-Trip, combining east and west coast underground, some Mo'Wax sides, exclusive remixes, and a surprisingly-appropriate Talk Talk track to finish the set. It all adds up to 90 minutes of glorious hip hop as only a real mixtape can bring. What a lost art.


  1. Hey Jack,

    in 2011 Neila will bring out an album that will also be available on tape in very limited quantities!
    So there is still hope but Sony officially stated that they stopped the production for taped walkman's.

  2. that's too bad! It's like Bizarro said: " I used to have tapes, and now they're all gone."

  3. the link still works! dude thanks been looking for this for a minute. I lost my copy at a house party in 2000. I still have the cover. I've also got some of the hip hop science tapes