Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spirit Agent


Allow me to break away from the west coast for a moment...

This awesome ep was released by Miami's Spirit Agent during their lamentably brief time in existence ('99-2000). Incredibly organic, lush, and abstract, this indie hip hop release is definitely a sign of the times, but nonetheless it demands attention due to the pure beauty of it. Sounding like the stoned little brothers of Antipop Consortium, emcee Stres and producer Plex placed cerebral and spiritual raps with world music loops, and created a sound that was nothing like my preconceived ideas of what Miami hip hop should have sounded like (ie booty bass). Most of this ep is instrumental, with only two full vocal tracks, but due to Plex's perfectly combined beats and samples, I always find myself listening to both sides all the way through. Obviously a lot of care was put into this release, which is fitting since it was the last thing Spirit Agent put out collectively. Shortly afterwords, Stres went on to join Evolver.

Input/Output ep


  1. Millones de horas buscando esta joya !
    Te lo agradesco infinitamente

  2. dope!! i wish they still made music!!