Saturday, June 12, 2010

Skrub Styles

Empty In Ya Face

I'm not really sure why NgaFsh agreed to be on this album from Sacramento MC Wrath, but I can definitely tell you his appearances are the high point of the album. Fsh always comes correct with lyrical density, genius flows, and an oddball sense of humor, and it's these traits that have kept him fresh and vital as an emcee for the last 20 years. He's up there at the top of my list of OG Good Life artists that still put out dope material, and that's one reason why this record is by far the strangest thing I think he's ever released.
Although both Wrath and Fsh are co-billed, this is obviously the former's show. Wrath has a delivery reminiscent of Eazy-E (that is if Eazy didn't have the D.O.C. ghost writing for him, and if Eazy had been an angry drunk white man), and the low-budget but lovable CVBeats are left behind for Death On Call's ponderous and mellowdramatic score. Truly, there's a style clash going on here. Wrath's blunted and negative lyricism works well with his heavy-soled production, but it only makes Fsh seem even more out of place here. (I'm resisting any 'fish out of water' jokes, but the temptation is great.) Plus, we all know that Fsh is all about the partay, but Wrath sounds like he's sitting alone in his parents' basement with a bag of spraypaint and a bottle of mouthwash, shaking his fist at all the girls that wouldn't screw him in high school.
Geez. Sorry, is that too harsh? But really, he basically says as much himself on the record, so there you go.
But an album with NgaFsh is an album with NgaFsh, which means it's gotta be at least 50% dope, right? Even if he did swim up the wrong creek with this one. Ha! Yes!


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