Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As requested... This album from Chillin' Villains ranks among their best, in my opinion. But actually I guess I can say that about any of their records from this time period. Within the space of a couple years, they managed to put out 4 independently produced, rougher than rough, amazing records; which defined their sound and put Afterlife on the map for countless fans/nerds like me. This is one of those records. Fish is by far the predominant emcee on this, making it almost a solo joint, but the rest of the villains put in their dues along with Chu, Khule, Wize, P.E.A.C.E, Pterra, O.M.D, and a very special emcee on "No Sign". This CD-R was released in 2000, and features an entirely different track list than the album for sale on eye 2nz. 14 tracks deep.


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  1. i agree, a true cv classicc. but to say its more or less a ngafsh solo is waaaaay off