Thursday, June 24, 2010

3,2,1 Presents Torche

First Brigade In The Wild West
Anonymous said... here is the link 4 heavyweighter torche - the distance VLS
Cover will follow as soon as I lay my hands on a scanner or a camera
this is my first digitalization of a vinyl so please show a little sympathy :) quality is all right though

From 1991, this rare find was very generously shared by the homeboy Treidoiunu, so be sure and give him his praises due. I believe Torche was a member of First Brigade, the LA massive which included such notables as Meen Green, Bird, Ganjah K, Vooodu, and Supherb. Some of those cats are featured here on one track, along with B.O.X. (For more on him, check out
Blown Upp). I hope you all enjoy this as much as I will.

The Distance 12"


  1. Thank you very much Treidoiunu!


  2. no problem man :)


  3. Can anybody tell who the third MC on this song is? I hear Torche first, then B.O.X., then ??? and last Ganjah K. I think it's ??? and Ganjah K exchanging lines at the end, but it's hard to tell

  4. Yo can you please reupload this vinyl. Torche - The Distance.

    Megaupload is not on anymore and i'm unable to download it. please hit me up. or if anyone has this record that they can upload. Thanks again.

    Peace. Greg

  5. can you fix this link man the people the people oh shit they wanna hear this man!!! I do too lol