Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who Stole The Soul?

The Soul Assassins Mega-Post

Taking a slight departure from the underground shiz...
The Soul Assassins are a huge, loosely connected bi-coastal group of artists and musicians revolving around producer Muggs and his group Cypress Hill. Historically, members come and go, and the roster has included everyone from rap kings Dr. Dre and the Wu-Tang, to underground artists like Sick Jacken and Dilated Peoples. However, when I think of the Soul Assassins, it's always of their early days, when their roster was small and their sound was unique and fresh.
Back in the early nineties, Soul Assassins hit it big with House of Pain's "Jump Around" and Cypress Hill's "Insane In the Brain". The two songs were sonically similar - the irritating shrieky whistles and dense, claustrophobic production couldn't help but get under your skin. I instantly got sucked in with "Insane In the Brain," and soon became a huge fan of the archetypal sound Muggs had crafted. The sound was dark, ominous and nocturnal. Car alarms and sirens fought to be heard over trunk bass and gun shots. All the early Soul Assassins releases subscribed to Muggs' sonic post-urban wasteland, and even when the songs took a more light-hearted turn, the music still carried a dangerous and nihilistic undercurrent.
The line-up: There was Muggs and Cypress Hill. They sung songs about killing people and smoking weed, all done in a Dr. Seuss delivery. There was DJ Lethal and House of Pain, white boys who overdid it on street cred. There was Ralph M. and Funkdoobiest, basically a paler version of Cypress Hill. And there was the teen-aged Whooliganz, who never really got off the ground, and is more well-known now for being the Alchemist's old group. Add to that early Cypress member Mellow Man Ace, and you have what I consider the original Soul Assassins crew.
Keep in mind there isn't a shred of gospel to this. This was just what my 14 year-old brain could gather at the time that all this erupted. So what I've done is compiled a bunch of stuff from these early members from the late eighties and early nineties - B-sides, alternate versions, non-album tracks, demos, remixes, guest appearances - and stuck them together with a bunch of other stuff that Muggs, Lethal and Ralph M. were also working on at the time. Sixty tracks spanning what I consider the heyday of the Soul Assassins. It's by no means exhaustive, and if I had thought about it more I would have included a few of my favorite album cuts as well. but whatever. I hope you enjoy!

Vol. 1
Put Your Hands Up - The Whooliganz
Put Your Head Out feat. B-Real - House of Pain
Ain't Got No Class feat. B-Real - Da Lench Mob
Where's It At (Muggs Remix) - Funkdoobiest
Latin Lingo (Blackout Mix) - Cypress Hill
Clouds of Smoke - Call O' Da Wild
Bow Wow Wow (Remix) - Funkdoobiest
Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Muggs Main Mix) - House of Pain
Conspiracy of Silence feat. Son Doobie - Paris
Hit the Deck - The Whooliganz
Phunky Feel One Demo
Caliente Demo
Real Estate Demo
Light Another Demo
Psychobetabuckdown Demo
Phunky Feel One Unpolished

Vol. 2
Stoned Is the Way of the Walk Reprise feat. Son Doobie - Cypress Hill
Shoot Em Up - Cypress Hill
How I Could Just Kill a Man (Blunted Mix) - Cypress Hill
Get the Fist feat. B-Real
Hypest For Cypress - Mellow Man Ace
Wopbabalubop (Soul Assassins Remix) - Funkdoobiest
So What'cha Want (Soul Assassins Remix) - Beastie Boys
House and the Rising Sun feat. Son Doobie - House of Pain
Put Your Handz Up (Qdii Remix) - The Whooliganz
Across the Map - The Whooliganz
Lucifer - 7A3
Ricky Ricardo of Rap - Mellow Man Ace
Goes Like Did (Dub) - 7A3
Whooliganz (Original) feat. B-Real - The Whooliganz

Vol. 3
Lick A Shot (Vocal Ud) - Cypress Hill
How I Could Just Kill a Man (The Killer Mix) - Cypress Hill
Freak Mode (XXX Remix) - Funkdoobiest
Whooliganz (Remix 1) feat. B-Real - The Whooliganz
Jump Around (Master Mix) - House of Pain
Babalu Bad Boy - Mellow Man Ace
Real Estate (Alternate Lyrics) - Cypress Hill
Goes Like Dis (7" Remix) - 7A3
Spill the Wine (Muggs Wine Remix) - Lighter Shade of Brown
Track 2 feat. B-Real - The Whooliganz
The Phuncky Feel One Extended Version - Cypress Hill
I'm Flippin On 'Em - Funkdoobiest
Under Mi Sleng Teng (O.G. Bass Remix by Muggs) (feat. B-Real) - Wayne Smith
Hand On the Glock - Cypress Hill
Scooby Doo - Cypress Hill

Vol. 4
Good Hit - Funkdoobiest
Hand On the Pump (Mugg's Blunted Mix) - Cypress Hill
River Cubano - Mellow Man Ace
The Funkiest (Lethal Dose Remix) - Funkdoobiest
Whatta You Know - Cypress Hill
Under Mi Sleng Teng (Soul Assassins Remix) (Feat. B-Real) - Wayne Smith
Throw Your Hands In the Air - Cypress Hill
Riddimwize (Muggs Remix) - Danny Red
Check It (Dj Muggs Remix) - Dana Barros
Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Remix) - Cypress Hill
The Program (Soul Assassins 7" Remix) - Bad Yard Club
Illusions (Harpsichord Remix) - Cypress Hill
Intellectual Dons - Cypress Hill and Call O' Da Wild
Hits From the Bong (T-Ray's Mix) - Cypress Hill
Track 1 feat. B-Real - The Whooliganz
Throw Your Set In the Air (Slow Roll Remix) - Cypress Hill
Under Mi Sleng Teng (Muggs Old School Remix) (Feat. B-Real) - Wayne Smith


  1. yo man this is a hella nice comp u put together. big props!! I always liked muggs older production better too

  2. Thanks, Doc! I'm glad you like!

  3. Thank you... these are amazing!!!!

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