Friday, April 9, 2010

Moon Music

Psycho Outro

More madness from Adlib aka Thavius Beck. Adlib constantly amazes me. He's managed to create a ton of music over his career, always progressing, always sounding unique and different and new, and always making sounds that are unmistakably his. I covet his music; I don't like to listen it too much, in fear of becoming too familiar with it. His music is fresh, and so his music is for fresh ears.
Coming from 2002, this instrumental noise-fest is sometimes abrasive, oftentimes melodic, and always intriguing. Also, the album is named after a Kids In The Hall skit (I'm talking the Canadian tv show here), requiring you to love it.

Advanced Sound Unit


  1. While I'm still not sure what I make of MP3 blogs that offer whole albums, I have to say that I'm impressed with the fact that your reviews are thoughtful and come from a true fan perspective. I think artist objections usually come from a place of being frustrated with the cheapening of music (massive file dl's) rather than a lost sale.

    I have some of the stuff on your want list too. We should talk. hit me up!

  2. Oh Jack, Asita is coming. They are great diggers...

  3. Nothing wrong with posting full albums

    Even tho im not big on file sharing,
    Some stuff you've put up on this blog
    i never knew existed and i doubt i would be able to find even if i wanted to buy.

    Thank you for the hard work Jack!

  4. This is Thavius Beck/Adlib... I have no problem with you guys posting this stuff as long as you're not selling it... I'd like for the people who really appreciate this music to have a way to easily access it... ideally I'd rather you guys streamed it rather than let people download, but thats another conversation... for people who really want to support, buy my new album and then pay to see me perform... the fact that you guys even care enough to upload these old 4-track albums and cd-r's is cool to me... as long as you're not profiting off of my work, feel free to share it...

  5. It's an honor to have you here, Mr. Beck! You're one of my biggest influences musically, no joke.

    And as far as profiting goes, I'm not making a dime off of this site or anything on this site.

    I would be more than happy streaming your stuff. Let me find some good software, and it'll be done.

    Jack Devo