Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Guess

This Is Dedicated To All Vinyl Collectors

Awol's 2nd single for Speakerface sports some great artwork, as well as two of that album's many highlights. The A-side ("I Guess") shows Awol at his most haggard and resigned, while the B-side ("The Last Song") is classic hip hop, with such an infectious beat (provided by Mike Nardone) that it would have been completely fitting if it had been the first track on the then-upcoming record. In 2000, back when this came out, I put one song or the other on many a mix. To hear why, just give a listen.

I Guess 12"


  1. I don't own "Speakerface" but i know these songs.. Thanks! Paid Dues fest was pretty good, Shapeshifters were in full effect. Apparently it was Circus' b-day and he really chilled and let the rest of the group do their thing, and I think they wera all there except DocLewd (I might be wrong though) let's see Radioinactive,Exist,Akuma,Die,2mex,AwolOne.. Who raps 2nd on "Triple Threat" cuz they performed that and that was one of the highlights.. Akuma is dope.

  2. I'm not sure off hand who's on 2nd for triple threat, but I think it might be Life Rexall. It sounds like it was a dope show!

  3. Yeah I think ur right! Yeah Rexall was there. They were all in Day of The Dead face paint like zombies, but I've grown used to identifying them by voice at this point anyway :)