Monday, April 12, 2010



This is OD and Spoon Of Iodine's track from the great Tags of the Times compilation from 2001. Spoon's a distinctive lyricist to say the least; from his appearances on Innercity Griots and Project Blowed, to his notorious track "I Bash", to his later work with Omid on Tags and Monolith, the reclusive Spoon has provided lyrically dense, extremely intense, and oftentimes controversial and disturbing material. "Anti-Christ" is no different. Here he presents his view on the Americanization of Christmas and the materialism inherent in it, and treats it as not only as sacrilegious, but satanic. Let's just say Omid provides an appropriate backdrop.
Omid reported last year that he and Spoon were at work on a full-length album, slated to drop sometime this year. I know not to put too much stock in reports like that, but I can still hope - even if I don't agree with everything Spoon has to say!
This is the one-sided 12" from label Mary-Joy from 2000. Vocal and instrumental track included.

Anti-Christ 12"


  1. dope blog...i have the cve and neila you are looking for.
    ill up them.
    where do you want me to send them to???

  2. Sweet man, I'm glad you like the blog!

    My Mouth Tastes Purple is a blog I check daily. Great, great stuff. In fact, that's where I first heard about that neila tape.

    If you don't feel like posting the links here in the comments, you can send me an email at

    Thanks a ton in advance! And let me know if you have any requests.

  3. cool i'll post them here asap.
    if you have awol one nme 12'' that would be dope.cant find it anywhwre.
    or the jizzm dreamscape ep


    here you go

  5. I can help out with the Awol, but I still regret the day I passed up on the dreamscape ep. I'll post NME up soon! And thanks again, you made my day!

  6. I think I can help you out with the Dreamscape EP if you like

  7. yup yup hook up that dreamscape ep.