Thursday, March 11, 2010

Record Players

Activate Your Innermost Happy Place

This is the second release, (as far as I know) by the LA2TheBay super-group Record Players. This short tape managed to collect together some legendary underground heads, from Hawaii to California to Arizona. If you know any of these artists you might correctly guess that this is some laid back, sunny hip hop. Good time music. Joe Dub's distinctive drawl is all over this release, and more than any other emcee he sets the tone for the rest of the Players to loosen up and stretch out lyrically over equally double-jointed beats from Deeskee, Da Golden Ray, Alex 75 and Joe.
This is an easy album to dig, not only because of the interplay of the talent involved, but because the music is just fun and light-hearted. They aren't trying to write the underground hip hop manifesto or anything. As far as the previously-mentioned talent, I'll remember this album as a jumping-off point for me, as it helped me discover some great artists out there (most notably Joe Dub's old crew San Francisco Street Music, and Maleko, who has some great output both as a solo artist and as a current member of the Jedi Knights Circle). Maybe it will do the same for you. This release has Seven full tracks, an intro, and two instrumental tracks not included on the expanded "Direct Drive" album from a couple years later.

Two Thousand and One

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  1. "Naybody" is one of the dopest LA2TheBay related joints ever and by far my favorite Joe Dubb song. Was this ripped from the tape or cd?