Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jedi Knights Circle

Optimus Rhymes, Aura, Cosmic, Autoflo, Randy
JKC are a geographically expansive crew of emcees and producers, stretching from San Diego to San Francisco, and onward up into Oregon. They don't come together to do a crew album that often, so when it happens it demands attention. 2001's California is such an album. The beats here are what attracted me initially; they're trippy and relaxed, with dark, sci-fi and world music themes - which is a perfect match for the lyrical styles and subject matter that the Jedi Knights employ. Definitely worth checking out if you're into the whole LA2The Bay sound, and even if you aren't. 21 tracks deep.


By the way, for a bunch more JKC-related material, check out jediknightscircle.com and  Record Science!


  1. what up man. This DL doesn't work for me. The file is empty and i've tried it 5-6 times. Re-up please. thx for this and all your music u share here!!!!!

  2. Hey Jack,
    do you know if Maleko is a definite member of JKC? I read something like that lately but I'm not sure if he is...

    Great posts!

  3. I know he wasn't originally, but I also read that he is now. He might just be down with them. I do know that he's on the Rip, Mix, Burn cds.

  4. Hi,
    thank you for your blog. Thank you for Jedi Knights Circle - California!!!
    Have you got "Aura - Deep Evening"? I've been searching it for many years.

    Thank you for the music you share.

  5. Sorry, I don't have that one. You might ask Chukchee - there is an expired link of it on his blog. He might be able to re-up it.

  6. thank you!!!!

    All the best!

  7. yo..thanks y'all..you guys rock! underground grass roots hip hop! maleko is a definite jedi as of 2003..thanks for the interest..any/all jkc cds are available at jediknightscircle.com or access hip hop..even the old tapes are on cd now! peace!

  8. It's an honor to have you here, Optimus! Thank you for the info!

  9. Trying to get my hands on Aura "Less than Life", Optimus "More then Meets" and JKC "Space Explorers" cant seem to find them anywhere, gathering up favorites from my old underground tape collection, still missing those 3 =)...

    1. hey we can get you those still at JKC!
      hit us on jedi knights circle.com or our facebook and we can make it happen! thanks for the continued support of JKC! you guys rock! OPT