Sunday, March 7, 2010

Circus Fo' Dictator

Gangsta-Size Me

Anticon producer Odd Nosdam leaked these five tracks from an aborted 2004 album by Shape Shifters ringleader Circus some time last year. If these tracks are any indication of what the album would have been like, it's a shame indeed that the album was never finished. Circus sounds more lively than he did on Gawd Bless the Faceless Cowards (and less like Curtis Blow), and his past penchant for combining self-depreciating humor with social commentary is back in full swing. According to someone on yootoob (an authority on definitive information, I know) Circus is sitting on additional finished tracks. Let's hope he chooses to release them some day. It's been years since we've heard anything new from Kid Zelda, and these tracks are seriously some of most refreshing solo works from the 'Shifter camp out there - if you can get past the isolated misogyny that is :(.


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