Monday, March 22, 2010

Shhh - Baaaa: Sincere Like Love Notes and Deadly As Noose Chokes

Silas Blak and Jace Ecaj: The Mighty Silent Lambs

Few acts come out the gate as strong as the Silent Lambs Project did here. This debut EP from 1998, with the signature abstract, cerebral, and head-scratching poetry from Jace and Blak, devastates from beginning to end. But nothing else could have been expected by this duo. By the time this was released, both lyricists had been veterans of the scene for years - Jace as a part of Fourth Party, and Silas holding it down in Blind Council. But listening to this release, you'd think they'd been in the same group for ever. Both are foils to the other: Blak's delivery is edgy and filled with tension, while Jace's floats smoothly and effortlessly over the beat. The two deliver perfection like yin and yang.
Joining them on the various tracks are some of Seattle's top producers: Dj Sayeed from Black Anger/Bedroom Produksionz provides the title track and "SL Shit", King Otto's on deck for "Paid Poet", Mr. Supreme from the Conmen shows up for "No J R", and SpecsOne produced "Stand Over Him". Kendo from Black Anger also shows up on "Comrade".

Comrade 12"

PS, be sure to check out their current project with the incredible Felicia Loud, Black Stax. It's mind-blowing stuff.

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  1. hey...I am not sure this link still works? Can you check it an let me know? cheers! It's great you put up all this stuff as i didn't know it even existed. I really like all these NW hip-hop sounds. ;)