Saturday, February 20, 2010

You Better Mind Your Table Manners, Boy

Say Grace
Another 206 Tribal production. Vitamin D wears many hats, as a rapper and producer, and here he steps to the front to showcase his exceptional deejay skills. This is an excellent break record. Not only does he dig from his extensive collection, but superstar producer Jake One brings a few slabs to add to the table while some friends drop by to style over the top. B-Self (Vitamin's partner in Ghetto Chilldren), I-Self Divine from the Micranots, Wordsayer from Source of Labor, Sinsemilla's H-Bomb, Samson S of Samson and Swift, Silas Blak of Blind Council/Silent Lambs, D-Uneek from PHAT Mob, and ShoNuff all attend, making this already crucial Tribal release even sicker. This is truly a hidden gem, not to be missed. From '99.
Now, if anyone out there as Table Manners 1...

Table Manners 2


  1. Hi there,
    i have a question.
    I´m looking for a good copy of the Ngafsh Da Upgrade album.
    The one i have and bought from NGAFSH directly has sort of digital distortion all over the place.
    I talked to FSH and he told me that this is the only copy he owns for years.
    By the way, i have the CVE Gotta Cum UP album.
    But I am completely lost when it come to uploading though.
    Please Contact me:

  2. this gets way too many plays, along with the ep that did/did not?... come out on rhymesayers

  3. Few records deserve way too many plays like those ones do!