Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Must I Scream When I Want To Speak About It

Wisdom From a Lyrical Heavyweight

Ill, overlooked gem from Project Blowed Heavyweight Nefertiti, bringing that rare early 90's LA dopeness. I don't know much about her career, or this album, so I'll keep my rambling brief. Produced by DJ Pooh, Suede, Guru, and others. From 1994, during the renaissance of hip hop.

Thanks to Etalon for this.

L.I.F.E. (Living In Fear Of Extinction)


  1. I used to play "Visions of Nefertiti" all the time on KUGS when it came out... nice drums. I actually didn't know she was down w/ Project Blowed.

  2. She appeared on "Heavyweights Round 2" on the Project Blowed compilation. Apart from that, I don't know her specifics with the Goodlife/Blowed situation...

  3. She had an appearance on "Corporate Warzone" from Professor Griff's 2nd LP, 'Kaos II Wiz7Dome'