Saturday, February 27, 2010

MC Class

Something Funky For You

This is a rare one. Seattle rapper MC Class released this classic NW tape back in '93. Recorded at Shoreline Community College just north of Seattle (and where I went to school for audio engineering), these six songs evoke hip hop's golden age. Guest emcee Legacy shows up on one track.

Brother From the Projects


  1. Wow, that is ridiculous, I need that tape! I'm about a crate deep of rare NW rap at this point. I think i have the Phat Mob and Samson & Swift? Will check. Do you have an extra of that tape or the Mps's ripped? Thanks! Trace Blends (

  2. MP3's I mean. That would be great to hear! I've only heard the 12"

  3. Hey bro, here's the link to the mp3's:

    All the stuff I post has links at the bottom of the post, in case there's anything else you might want :)

    I would LOVE to hear that Phat mob and Samson, or whatever other goodies you got!

  4. I'd love to pick up the MC Class tape, but i dont see any link to buy it.


  5. he sat next to me in music appreciation class at Shoreline Comm College. I was young he had to tell me who he was.LOL

  6. Let's hear it for Shoreline music students! Those were good times. When did you attend?