Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tribal 12

Equilibrium - Wrong Number - Traffic

This Tribal wax debut features the cream of the crop of that label's artists - Sensimilla, Phat Mob, and the unparalleled Ghetto Children, all providing great music in that distinctive lo-fi '90's Northwest vibe.

Ghetto Phat Sinsemilla


  1. Thanks for all the great Seattle HipHop. Hey do you have any Prose and Concepts? I got their 1st album, but the 2nd one (of which i forget the title & isn't even on discogs) is quite elusive. I still have the trading card that came with the album but thats it.. If you up it I'll scan the trading card :)

  2. Sadly all I have is the first album. But I've heard that there's a Six In the Clip/Prose and Concepts box set in the works, that will be including a bunch of unreleased tracks. Let's hope it actually sees the light of day!