Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's Burn All the Money and Crash All the Cars

Of Mexican Descent

Another request... I really love this album. And for a hip hop record, it's actually really gutsy. This is music made by uncompromising artists, out to do their thing no matter what the trends dictate. And to make a song like "Money Is Meaningless" in a genre of music so obsessed with material gain is ballsy as hell. 2Mex and Xololanxinxo wear their hearts on their sleeves for this one, and their music is beautiful because of it.


  1. damn this is ill yo i been lookin for this shit... is there any other link for this or the mind clouders??? fukn Rapidshare wont let me download for free no more!! haha
    or if you have it is there any way u could put this shit on mediafire or adrive, would really appreciate it yo... thanx.

  2. Links are being fixed right now boyeee...

  3. SICK!!
    Gracias... Good Lookin yo...