Friday, January 1, 2010

Big Archie

Big Arch
Big Arch is a pretty elusive character in the Blowed massive. He's appeared sporadically over the years on such crucial albums as the original Project Blowed comp, Innercity Griots and Cater to the DJ, but the released output from this Heavyweight OG has remained relatively slim in comparison to other members of the pack. So for those of us who had been waiting patiently for years for Archie to drop an album, we were finally blessed in 2006 when he put out the aptly titled A Long Time Coming. And by the quality of the tunes it was worth the wait. Produced entirely by Keal AKA Kill Kill, this is some classic gangsta delivered with Arch's jaw-dropping lyrical style. Much slept on, to say the least. "Why? (4Deep)" is among the top tracks from any and all Blowedians, in my opinion. Check it out.

A Long Time Coming

For those who need more, I encourage you to check out Alien Nation Radio. And check these clips out as well!


  1. BIG ARCH hasn't put out a lot of material but over around 20 years he's put out QUALITY material. That fool can rhyme. Style. Lyrics. I hope he gets his due, makes some money and all that good stuff. This is a dope record. Props to him and anyone reading this wondering, "should I check this out" CHECK IT OUT.

  2. Man, million thanks for this album, Iv been looking for this a long while, keep posting dope rare Project Blowed stuffs!
    Havent you got some Kali 9, First Brigade, Ghetto Godz or Khynky Rhead tracks?
    I got some Almighty Arrogant demos and a rip of Slant Eyez tape if you are interested...But the Slant stuff's quality is not so good...


  3. Thanks Erik, I'd love to hear those almighty arrogant demos!! A friend got me the Slant tape, it's true the quality isn't so good, but it still kicks!

    I heard there's a Kali 9 has a tape out there called "Zip Codes", but this might not be fact. I'll see what I can dig up regarding Kali 9, Ghetto Godz, etc.

    thanks, and keep posted...


    Jack, this is the link for the Almighty Arrogant tracks. Enjoy if you haven't heard them yet!
    Plus I see you also love Global Phlowtations and Id like to ask haven't you got Nairb's Herb Sessions tape rip? I could kill to listen to it:) And I wonder what happened to that 5vemics website... I've seen there a lotta dope uploads but site isn't working for a long while...



  5. Thanks a ton Erik! I can't wait to hear this. Sadly, I don't have Nairb's tape - In fact I've never even heard of it! I'll keep an eye out for it.
    Unfortunately 5vemics shut down permanently, but last week some of the guys from 5vemics set up a new forum - Hopefully it'll be a success!

  6. 5vemics has closed forever, but I would like to extend a warm welcome to / ... UGDN is our (mostly) scene blog and DA is our forum. It's very similar to 5ve so you should feel right at home. Come by and check out the blog and forum. Tell them frich sent you.


    Big Arch makes an appearance and really kills it!!
    Check it out Nathan

  8. please re up big arch is the man