Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alien Talk

Bogartin' the Industry
Phlowtation member Inoe Oner released his sophomore debut album in 2002. Produced entirely by Adlib, Government's Greatest Hits sounds even more out-there than GPAC's already boundary-pushing style. It's great to hear Inoe solo, as Adlib and Zagu's charismatic personalities seemed to eclipse the other members on the old GPAC colab records. What you get with this album is something that's obviously from the Phlowtation crew, but going in a completely new direction. Since this record, his output has continued to travel the same path, except his sound has become more refined. His records have continued to include appearances by the lesser-known GPAC members, like Ivan Jahn and Ambush (who apears on this record as well). Essential listening.

Governmentz Greatizt Hitz

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