Thursday, July 30, 2009


When listening to Trenseta's 2003 mixtape The Uncutt Vol. 1 I get the feeling that he really wants to be the next mainstream hit. He has the sharp image, his beats are polished, and his voice is smooth and infectious. He has years of street cred (Goodlife and Project Blowed OG), and he's also appeared on albums by chart toppers. He even states how he plans on going multi-platinum. There's only one problem: He just has too much to say.
In an effort to "be the next big thing," Tren has outdone himself and made music that is just too good. He sacrifices all the monotonous, bellowed choruses and shitty beats you hear on radio tunes for verse after verse of lyrical density over beats that actually don't piss you off. Whether he's shredding Ja Rule's cred to tiny pieces, or talking shit about wanabe players, or spitting out battle raps, he is consistently original, clever, humorus, and at times, amazing. And where many of his cohorts have had a much larger catalogue of releases, some of which - lets face it- can be maddeningly forgettable, this sole release by Tren is a banger from start to finish. There isn't a weak track on the album.
Give a listen; it's 23 tracks worth of slept-on goodness.

Uncutt Vol. 1

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