Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Naptron the Meta Predator

Naptron's Styles of Madness
This is a great ep in the Celestial Recordings catalog. Produced by Hive and Daddy Kev, Naptron's ep sounds a lot like fellow Alien Nation member Phoenix Orion's Zimulated Experiencez album from the year before (produced by the same cats). Which is most definitely a good thing. This short release is packed with heavy, raw rhythms over eerie atmospherics. It just whetted my appetite for the full length I kept hearing that Naptron was going to drop. So, with this release to tide me over, I waited patiently for, oh, about a decade(!) before I actually got my hands on a copy of it...
What you're getting here are 10 tracks, including originals, music and vox tracks.

Styles of Madness

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