Monday, January 8, 2018

Master Relm 20th Anniversary Edition

From 1998 Fresh for 2018

Bring That Beat Back is very proud to announce that our first release for 2018 is the reissue of Inoe One's classic debut, Master Relm.  Originally released in all it's rugged glory back all the way back in 1998, this record is still one of the best representations of that classic Cali underground sound.  This 20th Anniversary Reissue has been remastered, contains the bonus cut "Wicked City", and features liner notes recounting the making of the album by Inoe himself.  Produced by Adlib aka Thavius Beck, Zagu Brown, and Dilo; and featuring Ivan Jahn, Ambush, Samson, Zagu, Adlib, and Stroe, Master Relm is deep cut into classic GPAC/Rehab/Ordinary People territory.  Which is a great place to revisit.  Check it out now at our Bandcamp site.  This album is only available in limited cassette format, but each purchase includes the digital album as well.