Saturday, September 16, 2017

Beetbak Tapes presents DK NoDeal "Folk Hop Blues"

Folk Hop Blues

    While DK NoDeal (formerly DK Toon) never completed his now legendary Folk Hop Blues album in the 90s, he revived the concept and completed a 12 track album in 2013, which Jack wrote about a few years back:

    This [record] is spare, and straight to the point.  Beats are minimal (as in less is more) and rhyme styles are direct and more boom bap than Dk's usual soul-inflected stuff.  What's dope is that despite the combination of such angular and hard-hitting elements the album is quite restrained, and sober, and poetic; which seems contrary to the styles and tools used to create it.  You'd think with the beats and heaviness Dk would be inclined to thug out, but It's really a mature and elegant work, actually - The folk, the blues, and the hip hop are all present.  It makes me think of Jacob Lawrence's Migration work, with it's combination of historical reference, solidity, and maturity.  It's evident that Dk is speaking from a moment in his life that is a high water mark, and he can see his past and future laid out with some clarity.  It's introspective and weighs in on life's accomplishments and which roads to take in the future.  And Dk presents that with dynamic styles that evoke primary colors and strong lines.

   Beetbak Tapes is very happy to announce we will be releasing this long awaited album on limited cassette on November 1st. Pre-orders are up now, and will help determine how many copies we will be pressing up, so if you are interested in this project, you can order a copy here. The album features production from DJ Fat Jack, Touch Tone, Keyz & J Classic. Thanks in advance to anyone who purchases a copy or helps spread the word! As with The Beetbak Tape (2 copies remaining), DK has generously agreed to have all proceeds donated to Jean in the Front Row.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pseudzero - Closed Caskets (Afterlife Megamix) Mix-CD

Our friend Pseudzero at TIL.INFINITY has just released his Afterlife Recordz Megamix as a very limited Mix-CD.  54 minutes in length, this very amply represents one of the most essential yet underrated movements in hip hop.  He also released a sampler on soundlcoud of said megamix at

Check it out and purchase at the Vulgar Website or on Bandcamp!