Friday, April 28, 2017

Aki at the Hurt Lounge


    Aki "Hurt" Kharmicel returns with the second installment in his Dame Rejects series, entitled Heart2Hurt aka Spoils. Like it's predecessor, Vol. 2 is a collision of styles, a very colourful collection. The "BigHomie" Ak's trademark sound is present, but much like Refuge from Refuse, the production takes twists and turns through different sonic territory, with an underlying smooth, soulful vibe permeating the EP. A superficial listen will get your head nodding, but a careful listen reveals many layers, showing and proving Ak's tender love and care in crafting his art. In the same way an author of fiction creates a world that draws the reader in, "Hurt" draws the listener into a world that has depth, allowing Aki to put forth various different concepts and approach topics from different angles while sticking to the script. Underneath the deceptively smooth vibes, shots are fired at a former cohort, laying claim to the style he pioneered: "Niggaz knew Ken 'cause I had the blueprint." The lyrics are raw and unfiltered, with no holds barred, something that has made Aki's music all the more genuine and endearing. Heart2Hurt is another solid offering from the Nocturnal Scientist, a compelling piece of music in a time when generic stagnation is the norm. So step into The Hurt Lounge, grab a chair and listen to the soulful vibes of Aki "Hurt" Kharmicel...

   Also, check out this new joint featuring fellow San Diego emcee 1019 theNumberMan, posted on Aki's Soundcloud. Both Aki and 1019 were recently featured on Third Degree Burns Mix Show promoting their upcoming collaboration SolusSuperstes, which will be dropping soon and will also be featured on beetbak.

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