Monday, December 12, 2016

Riddlore? "Afromutations"

     Following his sojourn in Uganda, Good Life/Afterlife O.G. Riddlore? has dropped his latest effort, Afromutations. In recent years, the Rhymin' Ridd has branched away from the sound he, FSH and Ebow developed in the 90s. From his recent collaboration with Texas emcee Mad One, The Claim, to his last instrumental project, Theme Music from Life in Chillzville, he has been broadening the range of the CV Beat. The former saw the Chillin' Villain experimenting with an east coast, boom bap sound, while the latter was an exploration of cinematic soundscapes. This latest instrumental project follows suit, and sees Ridd utilizing field recordings he gathered while in Uganda, where the project was also recorded in late 2015 at Boutiq Studios. The result is a sonic exploration of the Motherland, the CV Beat channeled through a different lens. The project is available as a digital download and as a limited cassette, both on Nyege Nyege Tapes's Bandcamp page.

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