Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Doug Shorts Meets the MianMein Ensemble

    Joe Dub and Alex75's MianMein Ensemble joins forces with legendary Chicago soul artist Doug Shorts on the first installation from MianMein's ThreeQuarters label, a 7" record, "Slow Poison" b/w "Throwing Our Love Away." This single is the prelude to their upcoming full length collaboration and gives listeners a taste of what to expect not only from the album but also from MianMein's future projects. While Joe and Alex are no strangers to 80s musical vibes, this project takes it to another level and sheds much of the hip-hop elements, leaving us with a very funky and soulful offering. The music was played live by Joe and Alex and is an elevation of their previous work, definitely warranting the new moniker. As Joe explained to me in my interview with him last year, "Me and Alex have been doing R&B stuff for years. Alex has always had Moogs and Linn Drums and makes these 80s-ass beats. So we've been wanting to get some actual singers. We reached out to a bunch of singers but we got in touch with Doug and I sent him some stuff and he was feeling it, so we've got a nice working relationship. It's me and Alex, all live, and Doug's doing the vocals."

   The full length album, which is slated for 2017, will continue this formula. The aim isn't experimentation, in the broad sense. Joe and Alex are covering uncharted ground in terms of their own musical output, but as with much of their past work, the music just sounds good. Neither artist is a stranger to feel good vibes, and they've proven with this 7" they are masters of their craft. In regards to the full length, "Maybe eight to ten songs. An old school type album, 30 minute album. That's the Doug project and that's kinda been the labour for me and Alex lately. I'm between Hawaii and S.F. so when I'm there, I'm hangin' with Alex and we're doing songs for Doug."

   Stay tuned for further info regarding the full length album and be sure to stay tuned to the future endeavors of MianMein, which is a new beginning for two artists who have already made a significant mark on the landscape of independent hip-hop.

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