Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shamen 12 "12 Kommandments" Reissue

   Red Lotus Klan presents the second in their series of Masters of the Universe reissues, Shamen 12's classic 12 Kommandments tape, originally recorded in 1996-7 under the alias Atom 12. This tape stands as one of the strongest MOTU projects, featuring production from Shamen and Milky Wayne and vocals from Shamen, Matrix (aka Odessa Kane), Kontroversial Black and Zombie619er. As Shamen, now known as Delon Deville, explained to me:

     "I made 12 Kommandments, the album, inside our DJ’s garage - DJ Third Rail aka LOOKS SEK. I had a beat up old 4-track I stole from a pawn shop and I used DJ Third Rail’s Sensonique sampler while I dug in the crates. I didn’t know what direction I was going in when I decided to make my first album. I didn't even name it until I was actually finished with it. I basically got into the studio until I had found a niche. I was head conscious and against the machine and wet behind the ears when it came to knowing about the music business. I never took heed to what the music business was like. I thought it was gonna be easier than what it was. 12 Kommandments was my first kind of style I had developed while I was making the album. I fused knowledge and head conscious lyrics alongside a poverty and struggle stricken message. I kept that as being my main formula. As I began to sell my tapes on the street, I was now getting a feel of what Orko meant when he said you gotta put your feet to the pavement and get it out there. So along the way of chasing my dream, me and Orko were chasing our dreams together, but just slangin’ different albums under the same canopy. "

    You can purchase the tape through RLK's bandcamp page here. Stay tuned for future reissues of classic MOTU tapes through RLK.

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  1. im surprised this shit dont sell out within 24hrs of going live. motherfuckers out there be straight sleeping on the classics! oh well, just more for us trueheads! big ups to the entire mxoxtxu krew!