Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jean in the Front Row: Stevens Johsnon Syndrome Documentary

    Anybody who read my interview with Jean in the Front Row from last year knows Jean is currently suffering from a condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome, which is caused by an allergic reaction to medication. Jean was misprescribed medication by an intern and is now confined to her bed, having only left her apartment a handful of times since she developed the condition in 2007.

   While much of what came out of the Good Life was considered "conscious" rap, many of Jean's peers have turned their backs on her. There were no benefit shows, donations or even visits from many of the artists who rapped about positivity, unity and community. Good Life O.G. Imperator has stepped up to the plate though and is actually turning those words into action by spearheading and directing this documentary about Jean and her struggles, as well as throwing her a benefit show last year. 

   Above is the official trailer for the documentary Jean Powe "Stevens Johnson Syndrome" Survivor, which will be made available for free on Youtube on September 29th, and for $1.00 on where the funds will be received by Imp to offset the cost of putting this together. Stay tuned to beetbak for the full documentary!

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