Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It's the Return of the Kleenrz

"You don't wanna know what's in the bottom of that creek"

     Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal return with their second installation as the Kleenrz, the Pulp Fiction inspired clean up men, specializing in dark, twisted concepts and speaker crushing beats. Pulling inspiration from Stephen King novels, crime reality shows and macabre films, J. Hitchcock delves deeper into the concept first introduced on their 2012 self-titled EP, attacking it from many angles, resulting in a some very unique and inspired songs.

    The album opens with "The Langoliers", inspired by the novel of the same name, and conjures vivid images with the dense lyrics being abstract enough to be open to interpretation. "First 48", with it's funky beat, deals with murder in a playful manner, and is a good example of the mix of sinister and lighter production reflecting Jupiter's trademark mixture of morbidity and humour. "Revenge pt.2" picks up where the first part left off and again emphasizes Jup's poignant poetry. Tracks like "The Breakup Breakfast" and "Meloncholia" see Jup kicking the slow, deliberate, spoken word style that marked the first Kleenrz project, a reminder that this is an artist who continues to evolve stylistically. "Shaniqua" is an ode to a cruel and scandalous woman with a violently jealous man, featuring none other than Del tha Funky Homosapien. "Man Overboard" features heavyweights Myka 9 and Busdriver kicking some innovative rhyme patterns over a dark, moody production. The album, like its predecessor, features an epic posse cut, this time with Sach, Abstract Rude, AWOL One, Grouch & Eligh contributing vocals, the beat mutating halfway through into a different monster. Lyrically, the bar is set high which results in all the featured guests coming with some very inspired rhymes.

    While so many artists end up diluting their music in an attempt to stay modern, Jupiter has shown once again that he is the Hitchcock of Rap, painting pictures with words and developing and honing concepts, rather than dumbing them down. Kenny Segal's production is modern sounding, with the echoes of the Memphis underground that are the dominant sound at the moment, but also experimental and reflective of Jupiter's sinister poetry. Season Two is evidence that the Kleenrz concept still has legs, and that Jupiter is still an innovator after over 25 years.

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