Friday, April 1, 2016

Genghis Khan's Retaliation

"I challenge the most complex aliens in battles"

    Genghis Khan and Infinity Gauntlet of Masters of the Universe dropped their second collaboration today, an EP entitled Friday Night Fright that picks up where their 2011 album Night Gallery left off, with Genghis spitting his abstract, off-the-wall battle raps over Infinity's trademark cinematic production. "We recorded [the EP] one day and then I didn't see him again for years," explained Infinity. "Night Gallery was released in 2011 but we actually recorded it in like 2007-2008. We linked up again one day randomly, years later, and recorded this Friday Night Fright project at his apartment." And while this new EP has a horror theme and a more experimental tone, as opposed to the spaced out, surreal Night Gallery, the same spontaneous approach was taken for both projects: "On Night Gallery everything was on some one take type shit and if he fucked up he would just record a different verse. Friday Night Fright was recorded the same way."

    Genghis Khan first appeared on Microcrucifiction, under the name Define, with the solo cut "Siege of Define" and a year later on Back 2 tha Future, alongside Authentik (a member of Genghis' crew, Concrete Connection, along with Phenom and Bassment), on "Existence" but since then pretty much all his output has been produced by Infinity Gauntlet, appearing on two of his instrumental projects before the two dropped Night Gallery. He is even rumored to have battled at the Project Blowed, going up against members of Freestyle Fellowship and coming out unscathed.

    Infinity Gauntlet was first heard on his brother Odessa Kane's self-titled debut in 2000 and since then has become a master of crafting moody, cinematic beats. He has also evolved into a battle rapper, taking on the moniker Scatter Brain and debuting his rhymes on the insanely grimey Chasing Victims Through Sound Systems, produced by fellow Kilowattz crew member Psychopop. He has released a slew of instrumental and vocal projects in recent years, with several new records on the horizon, including a track with Pruven, Boxguts, Jak Tripper and Vast Aire from Vast and Pruven's upcoming 777 LP, as well as an album he produced for Autopsy of Civil War entitled Savage Planet. Make sure to check out his recent projects with Pruven (Dark Light Tablets) and Glory (The On a Sik One Session) if you enjoy this EP or his past work.

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