Saturday, April 23, 2016

Autopsy & Infinity Gauntlet present Savage Planet

    Following his recent EP with Masters of the Universe O.G. Genghis Khan, Infinity Gauntlet dropped his third project in a week, this time with Autopsy, who got down with MOTU shortly after their second tape, Back 2 tha Future. While Autopsy was intended to contribute to their unfinished and unreleased third tape, Farewell to the Flesh, he didn't appear on record until 2005's Civil War project, also featuring Odessa Kane, and also produced by Infinity. Although parts of this album were recorded as far back as 2007, Savage Planet follows Autopsy's solo debut, 21 Bodies, released in 2012 via his bandcamp, another single-producer album with beats by 21 Gramz of the Kilowattz, and vocal contributions from Scatter Brain and Odessa Kane. And much like 21 Bodies, this latest offering features sinister production accompanied by Autopsy's dark, poetic rhymes. You can pick it up on bandcampAccess Hip Hop or iTunes or get at Infinity on Facebook.

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  1. Hey - I've been trying to reach Jack. Does he have a new email?