Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ganjah K presents... "Crenshaw Sunday"

L.A.'s Finest

    Crenshaw Sunday is the latest offering from L.A. innovator Ganjah K, and comes as his fifth release on his bandcamp page, following Harvest for the World, the incredible First Brigade compilation, Swaggeristic and his latest solo LP, Possession of Sales. Crenshaw Sunday is a collection of funky, lowrider tracks, mostly recorded in the late 90s/early 2000s and builds on the sound Ganjah first established on his Danksta Life album, released in '96-'97. What separates this album from its predecessor, which saw Ganjah kicking a more restrained flow, is that this collection is much more stylistic and conceptual, with KMC even busting out his signature stuttering style on joints like "Tricky" and "Say It Ain't So." It's hard pick stand outs, as the entire thing bangs from front to back, but it's a pleasant surprise to see Ganjah flowing over a Fat Jack production ("Ain't a Damn Thing Funny"), which is always a good recipe. "Dre's Anatomy" is a very tight concept record, with Ganjah tying various Death Row/Aftermath artists into a unique voltron-esque metaphor. And while everything on his bandcamp page is worth checking out (and supporting), I highly recommend picking this one up, especially for those who have been fiending for more Ganjah K material for all these years! Don't sleep, and stay tuned for 3 tha Hard Way, featuring DK NoDeal and Dutchman, and The Ganjah K Chronicles mixtape, coming soon!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Delon Davinncci presents... "Rollin the Dice"

"Walk a mile in these shoes..."

    San Diego veteran Delon Deville (formerly Shamen 12 of Masters of the Universe) has spent his entire musical career thinking outside the box. Never being one to settle on one style, Delon is constantly creating new sounds and concepts. From his spaced out 12 Kommandments tape, to the tales of poverty and struggle on As the World Burns, to the surreal compositions found on his Nightmares EP, Deville is a hard artist to pin down. After last year's heartfelt "If Worse Comes to Worse" and "The Catchup", a tight freestyle track over a Drake beat, he unleashes his latest single, "Rollin the Dice (Allergic to Soap)", a hustler's anthem dedicated to the grind: "Up before the roosters/ stoned like Medusa/ every step, every maneuver/ organize like the Yakuza." Taking on the moniker Fortune 5000 behind the boards and rhyming under the name Delon Davinncci, this joint is a preview of his upcoming, and as of yet untitled, new album. Building on the sound he crafted on his insanely slept on Parafenelia record (available on bandcamp here), the beat is smokey and soulful, conjuring images of night time cruising, a young hustler in deep contemplation. Don't sleep on this gem and stay tuned for updates regarding Deville's upcoming album.

   And if you haven't already, make sure to check out this in depth interview I conducted with Delon a few years back, where he describes his early years as a houser, the formation of D.N.A, the stories behind his many solo projects as well as some his trials and tribulations: