Friday, January 22, 2016

Silence Never Sounded So Good


    Tommy V. does it again with his latest offering, an instrumental project entitled Silence Speaks: Volume One, a collection of old songs, dusted off, revamped and combined with some newer recordings to form TV's first professionally pressed cassette! Tommy's trademark "dollar bin delectable" style is present here, but this project sees him exploring further off the beaten path and experimenting more with instrumentation, as he has done since his Fresh Produce CD back in the early 2000s. And while there are the fun, light-hearted moments that are to be expected with any TV album, this tape is actually very emotional, at times gut-wrenchingly so. The vocal features by Ceschi, Riley Lige, Child Actor, and probably most interesting, Myka 9, add a layer of complexity to the production, creating a very unique listening experience. Dedicated to his mother (R.I.P.), the tape is appropriately subtle and beautiful, and at times somber. Tommy has come a long way since his earliest handmade tapes from the 90s and this is yet another chapter in the evolution of a unique and innovative artist! Tapes are still available on Fake Four's bandcamp page, or you can go with the "name your price" digital version. Don't sleep on this very cool project. I'm already looking forward to Volume Two!

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