Thursday, November 26, 2015

Name Science Rewrites History

"We came to redisover what was precious in music..."

    Sach and Inoe Oner return with their fourth offering as Name Science, following their 2006 debut, Name Science 2 the Death, their reemergence in 2014, Where is Name Science, and their Valentine's Day tribute, Sweet Science, from earlier this year. Rewrite, available in digital and CD formats on and, sees Name Science once again travelling into the past, this time flipping various classic hip-hop beats into fresh, new creations.

    The album opens with "Love You Name Science", a track they debuted on Huskey Radio, that sees Inoe and Sach kicking some rhymes from their past over a flip of Tribe's "Keep It Rollin'" beat. Next up is a cover of a Gangstarr classic, "N.S. Will Manifest", a very tight transformation of a familiar track, Sach and Inoe's unique flows taking the song to unexplored territory. "Experiment's Lament", a Sach solo, pays tribute to the Fat Boys, and sees Ill Pages waxing poetic over a smooth, jazzy instrumental (originally crafted by Pete Rock?). "Biopic", as its name suggests, is a tale of their respective pasts, specifically about falling in love with hip-hop, over a very dope, cinematic production. "Livin Large" pays homage to Ed O.G.'s "I Got to Have It", and is a tale of a financial come up, courtesy of Inoe. "Bass for N.S." flips an Isaac Hayes jawn also utilized by D.O.C., Spice-1 and, probably my favourite, X-Raided, and proves that classic breaks never get old, especially when re-done by artists with unorthodox flows, such as our hosts. "N.S. on the Blow Up" takes a Roy Ayers break used by Smif-n-Wessun and RBX, but the tribute here is clearly being paid to Chi Ali, even going as far as to include a vocal snippet from the original track. The record closes out with probably the most familiar break, a remake of "Nobody Beats the Biz", and a "killer verse" from Inoe: "Rollin' blunts in front of the church/ immersed in the smoke/ take another toke/ I'm a demon to deacons/ my tribe walks the perimeter late at night/ we're hungry coyotes, chewin' through rapper's arms/ gnawin' on the bone/ bloody microphones." Sach closes out the proceedings with a verse from his Seven Days to Engineer project, coming full circle.

    When it comes to Name Science, I don't need to convince you to pick this up. Their name is a brand you can always trust, and any time they release a new project you are guaranteed quality, lyrical complexity and innovation, even in this case when the source material is very familiar. Rewrite takes you back to a time when you would blind buy an album just based on the artist, without feeling the need to check out a few songs first, and appropriately enough, that's exactly the way it is with Name Science in 2015. You can cop the digital version on bandcamp, and the digital and CD versions are both available on Don't sleep!

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