Friday, September 4, 2015

Massdog Weighs In

Ask Mass

    In conjunction with Massdog Music, Bring That Beat Back is happy to present Ask Mass, a new segment where aspiring rappers and producers, as well as listeners can tap into Mass' years of experience with the music business, as well as music in general. In speaking with Mass, it quickly becomes clear he has a strong desire to help people, to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation, in hopes of building a support structure that can benefit not only the O.G.s, but up and coming artists as well. So if you have any questions about the music industry, production tips, if you're looking for advice, or if you'd just like to ask Mass a question about his history and recordings, leave a question in the comments. I will collect the first handful of questions and Mass will drop some knowledge over the phone, then I'll transcribe the Q&A and post it on Beetbak! Ideally we will have follow up questions and build on various topics, and create an ongoing dialogue.

    Also feel free to ask non-music questions. Is your son flunking chemistry and you're at your wits end? Want to ask that cute girl at the Starbuck's out, but can't come up with the perfect pick up line? Ask Mass!

    Hope people support this segment and take advantage because we would like to do more projects like this in the future and keep this segment running. Thanks to Big Mass for offering his time and expertise to the people!



  2. Hey y'all, I've got a couple of questions for Massive but first of all I'd like to thank all of yall for making this new initiation happen which is a great idea in my opinion.
    Also much props to Massive for putting out dope music and producing dope beats throughout the last 20+ years.

    As for my questions:

    1. Which artist(s) was/were the first you worked with and which did you enjoy the most?

    2. Rumour has it that you got an album from 1992 but it is impossible to purchase? Could you tell us a bit more about this story?

    3. Lil Juggsta is often featured on your albums and I think he's a dope MC. His track Nigguz In Blak on the Project Blowed tape is a great track as well. Does he got other unreleased stuff in the vaults or music that you produced for him?

    Was he actually a member of Massmen too or simply your long-time homie?

    4. Being an independent artist requires a lot of efforts and perseverance.
    What were your inspirations during the "hard times" to not to give up and struggle further?

    Thanks for your answers in advance!