Thursday, September 3, 2015

KMC Unleashes the Weapons of Mass Destruction

"Lions in Jah Kingdom"

    Hip-hop listeners worldwide, rejoice! Ganjah KMC has begun the onslaught of new and vintage recordings, the first batch being his classic Harvest for the World album, First Brigade's Weapons of Mass Destruction compilation and Swaggerific, a newer record featuring Young Meta and Nucczilla. This has been a long time coming but the moment is finally hear! 

    While a handful of mp3s of terrible quality from Harvest has been floating around for years (as well as the full album, if you have connections), this release is fully remastered and sounds excellent! On top of that, it features a previously unreleased remix of "Bud Berries", which sounds to me like a Fat Jack production, keeping the smooth vibes of the original, while giving it a breath of new life.

   Weapons of Mass Destruction is choke-full of gems, most sounding like they were recorded in the mid-90s, peppered with a few more recent sounding joints, produced by Fat Jack, The Nonce and J-Sumbi, among others, but all of them bang and I know I'm not the only one who's very excited to finally hear more Marc the Murderah verses!

    Finally, Swaggerific is a more modern sounding effort, with the type of subject matter you might expect from the title. But make no mistake, this is still Ganjah K we're talking about! He murders his verses and this is just another round in the chamber, another example of his versatility as an artist.

   So, for all you who, like myself, have been anxiously awaiting this day, open up your wallets and support good music! All these albums are worth every penny. 3 tha Hard Way, his collaboration with DK NoDeal & Dutchman, The Ganjah K Chronicles mixtape, Crenshaw Sunday, and Possession of Sales are still on the way.


  1. hey, are you sure that Crenshaw Sunday will also be released ?
    and what about '' Season of the Chronik''...
    and other 1st Brigade albums..???
    can't get enough of Ganjah K MC

    1. Yeah, Ganjah said Crenshaw Sunday is going to be posted on bandcamp soon. Here's a track from that album he posted on Soundcloud:

      I haven't heard anything about Season of the Chronic being released though. And I don't think there are plans for another First Brigade album, but I could be wrong.

      Stay tuned. I have an interview coming up that I think you'll enjoy!

    2. Oh Yes, Did you already do the interview ??
      if not please ask him about crenshaw sunday, season of the chronik and other 1st Brigade albums..
      i am really looking forward to the interview.. mad respect !!!