Saturday, September 5, 2015

Caliph8 presents "Stillborn Etudes"

Sand Storm Exodus

    Caliph8, coming out of Manila, has been a staple of the Filipino underground hip-hop movement for the past 20 years, mainly performing live, with his only release for most of that time being an EP, released in 1997, called Knowin' iz Half da Battle, released by his crew at the time, Down Earf. In the past few years however, he has begun releasing solo recordings, one of which is the subject of today's post.

    Stillborn Etudes is his second solo release, distributed on cassette by Dub Temple Records. The record is spacey, fragmented and jazzy, yet hip-hop at it's core. The dark, psychedelic sounds presented here will conjure images of haunted hallways lined with doors leading to other dimensions. Using his MPC, Caliph creates surreal soundscapes filled with sinister bass lines and shifting moods. The spirit of the music we hold dear at Beetbak lives on in the Philippines, through artists like Caliph8. Check this out and if you dig what you hear, grab the download, or a copy of his debut beat tape, Derelict Features of the Domain! Visual art also by Caliph.

Peace to the homie Martin Lazaro aka Labjaxx for putting me up on this gem! And as a little bonus, here's a dope track from Down Earf's EP:

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