Sunday, August 16, 2015

SK is the Black Lion

"Concrete graffiti rap"

    Many hip-hop writers these days will speak about whether or not a rapper is "relevant", which as far as I can tell is their way of referencing an artist's ability to adapt to what's "hot" at that current moment. Watching your favourite artists flush their integrity down the toilet in an attempt to stay relevant is a painful experience. In 2015, the music of the past is much more relevant than what is pumped into our brains on a daily basis. Hip-hop of the past was struggle music, something which should be very relatable to most in our current predicament.

    Soul King is an artist who never cared about what the masses deemed relevant. He comes from the "Supreme Era" and represents it to the fullest. This is evident from his work with the Barbershop MC's, to his collaborations with Born Allah and the Tabernacle MCz, to his solo work, which is the topic of today's post.

    His latest offering, an EP entitled Black Lion, is a celebration of the Supreme Era, a time when soulful beats and lyrical content were the top priority, rather than swagger and image. And while experimentation and attempts at innovation are admirable feats, there is a lack of appreciation for those who stick to the foundation and make music that just sounds good. Most experiments are failures, after all.

    And music that sounds good is exactly what you get with Black Lion. SK's smooth flow is enough to practically mask the fact this dude has bars! And with very tight, consistent production, there are no weak points here. Whether he's breaking down his manifesto, on the title track, spitting lyrical boasts ("Loco"), dropping knowledge ("Blesson"), or ripping up the mic with his comrade Born Allah ("3:16"), SK is consistently entertaining and engaging. And most importantly, the shit just sounds good.

    Black Lion features appearances by Agallah, Tattoo, Tahmell and, of course, Born Allah, and production by Default, Mos Sef and Quabo QDC. It can be downloaded for free here. If you're a fan of Cypha 7, the Tabernacle MCz or the Barbershop MC's, do yourself a favour and check this out.

[Update Sept. 1, 2015] SK is now selling CD copies of this album. Hit him up on Facebook for details! $5 USD plus s&h.


  1. looking forward to hearing this. I love your write up! I feel the same way about alot of music these days. Everyone experimenting and trying to be different and basically loosing their true fan base instead of just making good music that got them where they are!!!

  2. Peace! man I just saw this its so dope and very appreciated

    1. Peace SK! I appreciate the good music. You have my support and the support of the blog for your future projects

    2. Yes I will send me the email I will send you my new video

    3. Yes I will send me the email I will send you my new video

  3. Just throwing this out there Gamar, I know the owner of that lion image and I have reason to believe that he didn't authorize the use of his fursona's artwork.